Team Challenge

Team Registration

Queens of Tallinn is proud to run a Team Challenge competition in the same way as we do it for our Kings of Tallinn festivals. 2% of prize pools of all Queens of Tallinn ranking tournaments with at least 12 unique players will go into the overall Team Challenge prize pool.

Players need to complete the form and register teams of 3 members.

By completing this form you agree with the GDPR terms and conditions.

2% of all Queens Of Tallinn 2023 prize pools, tournaments with a minimum of 12 unique participants, will go into a Team Challenge prize pool. Satellites and the Saturday Evening €60 Ladies & Gentlemen NLH Open to All -event excluded (event #9).

Players form teams of three people, and automatically collect points for their teams, when entering, and cashing, any Queens Of Tallinn 2023 Live Tournaments.

Team registration will close Friday December 1, 20:00 local time.

In order to receive points from a ranking event, the team must be registered before the respective event starts, except for the Queens Of Tallinn Main Event where Team registration will close Friday December 1, 20:00 local time.

All three team members must play a minimum of one Queens Of Tallinn 2023 ranking event.

The points of all three team members will be summed up and the team with most points will be announced as winners of the Team Challenge

The winning team will be declared after the last Queens Of Tallinn 2023 ranking tournament has played out, on Sunday evening December 3, 2023.

60% of the Team Challenge prize pool will go to the winning team and 40% to the runner-up team. The third placed Team will be awarded added personal tickets to the Kings Of Tallinn “Ladies Event” held in February 2024, worth €150 each. The First and second placed team will also be awarded added personal tickets to the Kings Of Tallinn Ladies event in February 2024. Tickets awarded are personal and cannot be transferred or sold.

Points for the Queens Of Tallinn 2023 Team Challenge are calculated based on the prize money earned from a tournament, divided by the amount of the average tournament buy-in (without a fee).


  • Buy in: €315 + €35.
  • Unique Entries: 210
  • Re-entries: 80
  • Total Prize Pool: 290 x €315 = €91,350


Calculating winner’s points when winner received €18,270:

Total prize pool €91,350 divided by the unique player number (210 in this example)

  • €91,350: 210 = 435
  • Amount won: €18,270.
  • €18,270: 435 = 42

This player will receive 42 points + 1 participation point.

Players receive one (1) point for every Queens of Tallinn ranking event they play (excluding satellites and event #9) and additional points are earned by cashing from events, making the money. Please note that re-entries do not reward additional points.

In the case of a deal, all players involved in the deal will receive team challenge ranking points according to officially announced prize money of the lowest place involved. E.g., if for example three last remaining players of the tournament decide to split the prize money of the top 3 places, they will all receive points based on the amount of the officially announced 3rd place prize money, irrespective of the actual final payouts.